Fashion Refresh for the New Year

Every year at this time, I sit back and take a good look at my wardrobe and begin what I like to call the purge.  Why?  For some reason for me it is therapeutic, a bit different from "does it give me joy" concept but similar. 

My birthday is at this time of year, so it's a combination of getting older and thinking through what is my style now, has it changed over the last 12 months, should it change and most importantly what makes me feel good?  I think as you get older you begin to appreciate what a difference it makes to feel good in what you wear, age does not dictate fashion or clothing style and most importantly that rules are meant to be broken.

So how do I go through this process?  Here are my tips.  

  1. GUIDE: Using the questions above, create your guiding values that you need to go back to each time so you don't get diverted off plan!
  2. ORGANISE: You will need two bags/baskets, one will be for giving away or selling the other for throw away - or just create two piles and clean up at the end.
  3. HOW: Start with a section of your wardrobe and ask yourself, have I worn this recently ie within the last 6-12 months.  Repeat!
  4. MODIFY: Try it on, think about can you mix it up or change it to refresh it (think adding a belt, accessory, cutting it to make it a top).
  5. PURGE: Get rid of anything with stains, rips, tears that cant be repaired or doesn't fit into your guide.
  6. REORGANISE:  This is a whole blog in itself, but here are my quick take outs!  My top tip is organising your wardrobe in firstly colour order then style order. Why? It starts to give you real insight as to the colours and styles you gravitate or subconsciously purchase when making purchases and what might be missing in your wardrobe, this will help when you reach step 7! Make a list of this! Decide if you are a hanger person or folding person do you need to see your clothes to work out what you have?  I am 70% hanging, more as it keeps me organised!  Side note: If you don't have nice consistent hangers, you need them,  I use the velvet covered hangers from K-mart but jackets are all on wood handers to hold their shape better.
  7. REPLACE/SHOP: Once you have gone through this process, make a list of what is missing and then the real fun begins.  Shopping for women's clothing and fashion for me is about ensuring that I have the basics replaced but also finding those new pieces that have something special about them and just make ME FEEL FABULOUS.  It might be a pop of hot pink, a beautiful print, a fabric that feels amazing.  Everyone is different here. If you are at this stage and you need to add some beautiful pieces, have a browse of our store bringing affordable and premium clothing brands, you might just find something to add to your new collection.
Once I have gone through this process, (might be my OCD) there is this feeling of of clarity ready to sit down and then work out what those new years resolutions or at least goals for the next 3 months might be.

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