Affordable and Premium Fashion Can They Mix?

cross body bag Frankie's Melbourne Summer Dresses

Premium labels are usually beautiful, the fabrics are amazing but the price tag doesn't always help your bottom line.  Especially when you love fashion as much as we do.  It doesn't matter how much you may tried to hide the crisp bag, new delivery or use a different credit card, the outcome is usually the same you feel it in your back pocket. 

So how do you get the most out of your premium pieces and mix those with your more affordable items?

Firstly, think about the piece (either affordable or premium) that is going to be the hero of your outfit.  Will it be a dress, skirt or pants or a top?

Secondly, what do you need to go with that outfit?

Finally, don't forget to consider your accessories also.

Some examples of how this can work in practice are:

Classic Basic

This outfit gives you a high quality and unique look pleated skirt, with a basic tee that is affordable and keeps the look classic and balances the budget.

Back to Work

A good dress for work doesn't need to cost the earth, a classic simple style with great detailing can be easily mixed with good quality tailoring to elevate the look.

Summer Holidays

When going on holidays the last thing you want to be doing is ironing clothes. Going for a premium fabric like bamboo helps you save time as it rolls easily avoiding those nasty travel creases.

Mixing affordable and premium is possible and simple when you start to think differently around how to put your wardrobe together.  


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