So what are your colours?

Over the years I have gravitated from different colours that I loved. However as I have gold older I have noticed that my wardrobe staples have begun to fall into 4 main colours, navy, sea green, dusty pinks, whites and blacks. I only noticed this as I like to coordinate my wardrobe into colour blocks.

Taking the time to step back and see this made me realise that I needed to expand the palette overall. So, I started by going out and purchasing and trying items that were outside my comfort zone, rusts, yellows, bright blues and these purchases sat by without being used. I figured there must be a better way! In researching this topic, Although I knew about it I never put it to the test. Cue the ultimate guide to choosing your colours.

Step 1:

Work out of you are a warm or a cool toned colour person. How? Have a look at your skin tone in natural light near something white. If it’s more yellow toned then likely you are a warm toned. If more rosy and pink, the cool tones could be you. If neither then likely you are neutral and lucky you. You can go either side! It’s not always a fail safe but at least will give you some starting point. 

Step 2: 

If you are warm then review a colour chart and you will be sitting on the warmer side like red, honey, olive, amber or the warmer of the cool colours. 

Step 3:

If you are cool, then bright blues, emerald lavender. Will work for you. 

Step 4:

Get on to Pinterest and check out all the colour pallets for some inspiration and get pinning!

Does this mean I may never wear colours that I love? No, just look for the warmer or cooler versions of those! It will complement your skin better. 

Finally, there are some colours that just work on everyone, blush pink, white, teal if you didn’t know!  So go out and add to your mix I’m your wardrobe and pop some colour!

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