Transeasonal Autumn Wear

April is my favourite time of year, so when we hit March I know its almost here.   I love that the air starts to become crisp, the sky always looks so blue and the leaves start to turn a slight yellow. 

I seriously get excited walking past the shops and starting to see the Autumn Winter colours come through.  This year its the return of burgundy or maroon, classic navy and pops of teal and sage.  Blush hasn't yet lost its crown, but more dusty pink tones are starting to pop through. 

Now is the time to consider how to extend your summer dress range. Lets start with the basics, you need to make sure you have.

  • Opaque tights and socks
  • Longsleeve fitted layering pieces 
  • Sweaters cropped or long
  • Open cardigans short, midi, or long with or without buttons
  • Long line cardi coats
  • Belt
  • Boots

My recommendations:

1. Pull your dresses and skirts and start to curate your pieces

2. Think about your colours, do you have sweaters/cardis, layering pieces in similar tones in any of your dresses. Pull these together.

3. Think about putting long sleeve fitted tops under dresses. Normally a sleeveless dress or a mid length sleeve look best.  

4. Any jumper, pullover or sweater can look fabulous with a dress.  Throw it on and test run a look.  Try it belted, try a pretend cropped look by using the belt to pull everything in

5. A longline cardi can look fantastic with a skirt or dress. Again, give yourself some shape by adding a belt over the top. 

6. Finally consider your lifestyle and the shoes that will work best for you.  If I need to dress things up then it has to be a boot.  If not then for me its runners all the way!

Some examples of great pieces that may suit your existing dresses have a look at some of our new Autumn Winter arrivals.

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