About LB&CO

At LavenderBlue&Co we are all about individual style, and positivity. The idea is simple: provide effortless style and feel good fashion through selected premium and affordable fashion clothing for every woman regardless of size or height.
LB&Co was created when store owner Sonya was juggling full time work, raising two teenagers, a pre-schooler and juggling the demands of life, like most mums. She had a strong passion for fashion and shopping but didn't have time to scroll through pages and pages to find stylish pieces at a price point that was right.  By taking the clutter out of online shopping, LB&Co is an online fashion haven that helps you zero in on your personal style, giving back a little bit of you time without the stress. 
We source unique clothes especially for you from a variety of predominately talented Australian and Balinese designers. Our collection of fashion pieces comes from from brands we love - ones who obsess about craftsmanship, design, and ensuring style is on point at an affordable price. As a group, they have a few things in common: an effortless appeal, ability wear in many ways, focus on fit and various price points to suit everyone’s budget.
The world is cluttered enough. Whether it’s the 3000+ ads targeting you on social media, parent-teacher meetings, zoom calls, the report you need to send by 5PM, LB&Co takes you away from the everyday stress delivering to right to your lounge room the ultimate curation of clothing and accessories online, providing a seamless shopping experience. 
Let LB&Co do the heavy lifting and act as your fashion consult - hand-picking pieces we know you’ll love at an affordable price.  Get free shipping over $100 and return or exchange for your orders in Australia on a variety of brands and labels. Shop our latest collections to discover what to wear this season.

Sonya xx